The Drip Factor

Independent Insurance Agent Blog Article Drip On Leads

Any independent insurance agent will agree: sales is a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more quotes you will offer and the better chance you’ll have at making a sale.


If it’s not already, this should be your mentality as you approach business each and every day.

It’s common knowledge that just about everyone needs some form of insurance. From teenagers starting their driving career, to a married couple looking to protect their hard-earned assets; everyone needs some form of insurance. Life and all its demands are constantly changing. Your job, as an agent, is to constantly be aware of these changes. Existing clients are no exception. They should be treated as though they are a new opportunity. 

                                                                 dripping on leads as an independent insurance agent

So many times, you see the same old thing:


‘Agent A’ buys a lot of internet leads for $20-$30 each, calls them once, gets rejected and the lead goes into the “pile”, never to be called again. Why aren’t these leads being followed up on the next week, and again in six months and again in a year?!


Each time you call this person back, you are “dripping” on them. Think of a leaky faucet that just won’t stop dripping. An annoyance, maybe, but one that is persistent and always reminding you of something that you need to pay attention to.


Before writing blog posts, I helped generate leads for insurance agents across the U.S. and Canada. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with an agent (after generating hundreds of warm leads for them) and the conversation would go something like this:


Agent: “The lead wasn’t any good.”


Me: “Why not?”


Agent: “They didn’t answer the phone” or “We can’t beat their rates.”


These things may be true in the present, but you have no idea if the response is going to change in a month or the next time their policy is up for renewal.


The value of persistence is one of the highest importance in the insurance game. Someone that isn’t necessarily a potential customer now, could be one 3-4 months down the road.


Your skills, products that you offer and your approach can alter, too. Who’s to say that specific lead wasn’t having a bad day? Who’s to say you weren’t having a bad day?


So many factors come into play when approaching a lead, but one constant should be that they come with a certain commitment attached to them. It shouldn’t matter whether an agent paid for a lead or if it was handed over for free. A lead should always be considered a potential sale, and for more than the first week it spends in your CRM.


And who’s to say it couldn’t result in more than one sale?


Many times, someone with some slight curiosity about a quote can turn into “I have three cars, two houses, a boat and a motorcycle.” If your eyes don’t light up and imagine the possibilities, your mentality is way off.


An Agent has to constantly “drip” on any, and ALL, leads and should NEVER be considered dead.


At the end of the day, agents need to talk to anyone and everyone they possibly can…over and over and over. This starts with a fresh lead and carries through to their longest customer. The more consistently you can pursue someone’s business, the more successful you will be.


Never giving up on a lead is a great mentality to have. You and your team must have this quality to be successful.




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