Safeco Marketing Symposium Recap

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Safeco Insurance goes out of their way to help their independent partners grow their agencies. One way they do this is by providing marketing symposiums on a regular basis. Last week, I had the privilege of attending one such event, here in Boise. My hopes were to strengthen my knowledge of marketing an insurance agency and to connect with local independent agents. If I could get a better understanding of marketing activities they are using to grow their agency, it would ultimately help the alliance and our agents.


If you haven’t had the chance to attend one of these symposiums, I highly suggest it. Whether you feel well versed in marketing your agency or if you think your agency could use a spark, the brainstorming sessions and networking are priceless.


To give you an idea of the format, I’ll give you a brief oversight of how Safeco split up the day.


We were warmly greeted by Safeco’s Gabe Gonzalez, the Marketing Director for the Northwest region. Gabe walked us through a bit of history that the independent insurance world has seen over the last 15 years and what the industry is experiencing today. This included some challenges and potential competitors in the market. These include the new digital-based insurance apps that boast about getting away from what insurance agents would call “must-haves” for the client. You may have seen some related posts on our blog or social channels. Interesting discussions took place about the potential problems the industry and what the client would face with some of these new “solutions.”


From there the room listened to a presentation from Wood River Insurance on a marketing tactic they picked up from a previous Safeco marketing event. In the past five months of using this tactic, they’ve seen their new business numbers double. An amazing feat for any agency.


Gabe and his team took us all through some exercises to showcase a couple other techniques and activities that any agency could do easily, which led us to a break out session.


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In several groups, we all took part in sharing a marketing activity that we had recently started or were looking to in the near future. There were some great ideas surrounding community-related events and hiring techniques as many agents found it hard to get the younger generation interested in pursuing a career in the insurance business.


There is where I shared our new podcast, The Great Independent powered by Pacific Crest, and hopefully inspired some agents to do even more with their marketing practices. It’s my hope that not only our agents at Pacific Crest, but other independents take their passion to the next level.


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Lastly, our break-out groups had to come up with an event that would encapsulate others from our community and gain traction beyond the event itself. There were some great ideas that tied in organizations from the local police and fire departments to non-profits that benefitted great causes.


It’s amazing what ideas can transpire when a few people get together with a similar goal in mind and a few resources.


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I highly encourage any agents to attend a marketing symposium or event that is available to you. The benefits will be much higher than you initially realize. If you can’t make it to an event, reach out to other local independent agents and pick their brain on what they’re doing or what they’ve heard from others in their network.


Also, keep in mind the other marketing resources that Safeco offers to its independent partners. Keep an eye on your inbox as they send out regular emails on tools and offers that are hosted on their agent marketing site.


Take advantage of what your carriers offer you! Often times these assets can change your business for the best.