Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

I hope the holidays were a time of renewal and rejuvenation for all!

For most of us, the New Year is a chance for a fresh start in all aspects of our lives.  Resolutions are set and improvements are top of mind.  While this is a great time to clean the slate and start new, I feel like we have this opportunity throughout the year – monthly, weekly and even daily. Bettering ourselves should be a constant mission, a self-awareness.

As a business owner, I set goals for myself, both professionally and personally, for our company as well as for each team member.  I have to be okay with the realization that often times, due dates are unavoidably missed or pushed out. Goals are set throughout the year and sometimes, certain goals are scrapped altogether.  While our daily tasks and demands often prevent instant gratification on bigger projects, I see our accomplishments and want to take time to acknowledge them.

In 2016, we went back to our roots.  We hosted 3 in-house trainings for groups of newly contracted agents.  When we started expanding Pacific Crest in 2010, this was part of our process.  We had veered away from this approach, but have circled back, and are glad we did.  Meeting our new team members face to face is so exciting and refreshing!  It brings the life and passion back to what we do, changing it from a transaction to a relationship.

We also brought back a marketing component to our corporate team.  Our marketing and social media presence had fallen off in the last few years and we realized that the right marketing person is a benefit to PCS corporate, as well as to our agent force.  Our marketing efforts are already garnering attention and engaging our agents and insureds. It’s only the second week of 2017 but I can feel the fire! Going back to deepening our value, we have backfilled positions that had been left vacant.

We always strive to be a family oriented organization with corporate sized dreams and continue to work on that balance.  We have seen some changes in our staff which can be tough, but the group we have now is the most solid team-oriented staff I have ever had the pleasure of over-seeing.  I have watched team members grow and develop, take on new roles and step up at a moment’s notice. With book rolls and new production, our premium grew approximately $14 million and we continue to be a leader with all of our national carriers.

2017 is a promising time for Pacific Crest.  Our office expansion is in full force for continuing our in-house trainings and re-designing our work space for the team. We are highly focused on continuing to offer benefits to our agents; moving into lead generation and exclusive software for agency management. I look forward to hosting more agents in house, both newcomers and existing agents.  In all of my travels, I hope to meet some agents on their home turf and see the Pacific Crest offices that are providing our outreach.

As always, I am eternally grateful for the agents that have joined Pacific Crest and bring salesmanship to the Independent Insurance channel.  Your job as an agent is very important to the customers you serve and I commend you for taking on that role.

Here’s to a flourishing 2017, with gratitude~

Shawn Webb, Principal