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Shawn Webb / Principal

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My name is Shawn Webb and I have been a financial planner for over 15 years.  As an advisor, I’ve noticed a negative trend plaguing both the insurance and investment professional.  Each of these once needed advisors have fallen victim to being commoditized and lacking “true value”; selling only price and returns.  “True Value”, described as the human element, has been threatened and replaced by online resources and availability of information.

Is there a better way?  This is the very question I asked myself when I started my wealth management practice in 2002.  I had just left the captive world of insurance and passed the CFP. I knew I wanted to run my own business as an advisor but I wanted to do it differently than everyone else.  I wanted to provide comprehensive advice to my customers. For some reason I felt that all areas of planning were mutually dependent upon each other. Whether it be investments, insurance, estate, tax or business planning, if any of these areas were neglected the best laid plans could fall apart.  Although this comprehensive planning idea was not original then or even today, very few have implemented this strategy. Why? Putting the complete framework together to provide risk management and investment advice while strategically aligning with all the right professionals requires a ton of time, staff, resources and training.  

At the time I did not realize that what I was doing would eventually separate me from the pack.  More importantly, I had no idea the framework that I was building would eventually allow me to help both risk management and investment professionals not only be successful but also provide “true value”.

Why do you need to speak with us about our program and “true value”?

Build depth into your practice by partnering with one of our risk management advisors:

I understand as an advisor that you have the relationship with your client and we take that seriously.  We team you up with a trained risk management advisor that can work with you and your customer in determining the best insurance strategy.  Whether identifying risks or architecting the proper coverages, your risk manager works in partnership with you to build the proper insurance portfolio. Insurance is an asset protection tool; covering your client and delivering a security blanket over the investments that you control.

Position yourself as the advisor not a sales person:

Quit stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.  Position yourself on the same side of the fence as the customer by sincerely gathering all their information to be analyzed and evaluated so you can make recommendations that can be delivered on.  By building trust through advice and working with one of our risk management advisors you will uncover assets that otherwise would not have been available to you.

Drive revenue and diversify your own practice:

As advisors we often times discuss diversification in our strategies with our customers but don’t take our own advice. Having the ability to work with most insurance carriers across auto, home, commercial, life and annuity markets, my team can provide the best tailored comprehensive coverages while keeping costs as low as possible.  Most importantly, if as an advisor you are licensed in property, casualty and life we can revenue share with you on both a new and renewal basis.

Stop allowing moonlighting:

Maintain control of your client relationship throughout the process.  There is nothing more frustrating than working with a customer and giving them comprehensive advice that gets taken back to their current insurance agent or banker for their benefit.  You are giving the advice, you have the relationship, you should get the reward.

Eliminate or reduce risks of the unforeseen that can ruin the best laid investment strategy:

Most advisors go into a customer meeting discussing all they can do from an investment perspective, touting returns, diversification, allocations etc.  Wouldn’t it make sense to take a different approach and start with the customers foundation of the plan? Start with a clients estate plan and risk management strategy to be sure the foundation is set and trust is built before moving into assets, retirement and income planning.  Trust is built here, and the work put in will allow investment plans to come to fruition with protection in place from the unforeseen.

Listen to this short podcast below where I explain in detail how the program works.

Shawn Webb

Principal / Pacific Crest Wealth Management