December Agent of the Month – Steve Becker

Pacific Crest Insurance Independent Agent Steve Becker

At Pacific Crest, we care about our agents. We know that each and every one of them is working very hard to provide people in their community with the best insurance and service possible. The little known details behind what it takes to run an agency often go unnoticed. We want to highlight those details to help those in the insurance industry understand exactly what it takes to succeed as a small business.


However, not every agent and agency is the same. Through our “Agent of the Month” showcase, we aim to shine some light on agents that are breaking barriers with Pacific Crest and within the independent insurance realm. This month, we shine the spot-light on Agent, Steve Becker, out of Valencia, CA.


Last week, I reached out to Steve to ask him some questions on how he got to where he is and what makes him so successful.


A Los Angeles native, Steve is very in touch with his community. Several times, he referenced this as a driving force in his business. “It helps to know your community, it’s areas of growth and the demographics.”


Having lived in Valencia for the last 25 years, Steve finds a lot of connections through previous business he has written.  He relies heavily on the relationships he has developed in the past and consistently receives referrals, leading to new opportunity.


Steve started with Pacific Crest Insurance in February of 2016 and has quickly built his book of business in less than a year.


With previous experience in a captive setting, Steve says there are a few reasons he decided to start looking towards becoming an independent agent. “I didn’t feel like I owned my own business. They were constantly raising the rates and required agents to have retail office space,” when referring to the captive scenario.


Although, there were multiple factors that led him to finding a fresh start in the insurance industry, Steve found salvation in speaking with another Pacific Crest agent. He now enjoys the ability to write business through multiple carriers and run his business as his own.


More specifically, Steve spoke with me about how he enjoys being able to market his own business’ name: Becker Insurance Services. While social media channels, referrals and some online ad campaigns are just some avenues that keep the phone ringing, Steve knows that his previous experience and reputation in the community are his main driving force.


When I asked Steve about how he stays consistent, he says that referring to his original business plan is his main motivation. At least once a month, he refers to his original business and marketing plan to keep him on track with his goals.


If you’re looking for advice, Steve says, “the biggest thing you have to do is treat your agency like a business.” He would go on to explain that too many agents only want to sell the insurance, not focus on the fact that they’re running a small business. The details and plan aren’t paid enough attention and it shows, in the end.


Although Steve may be fairly new to the independent insurance scene, he’s definitely not wasting any time. His goals, not only for premium written, but running a smooth and successful business, are set high.