Marcus Flesher  Agency Development Director

Marcus Flesher

Agency Development Director


I’m the Agency Development Director for Pacific Crest. I work out of our corporate office located in Eagle, Idaho. It’s my job to discuss the Pacific Crest opportunity with you and discover if a future business relationship makes good sense for either one of us.

I’ve been a member of the Pacific Crest team since January, 2013. My background is in business development and consulting. I’ve been on the front lines as an entrepreneur myself and understand the struggles that business owners go through as they try to grow their companies.

I’m looking forward to our upcoming discussion. Please read the information below to prepare yourself for our visit.

What to expect

  1. Complete the Form Below: The more I know about your situation the better. Please do your best to elaborate on the details of your agency plans, where you came from and what has brought you to us. This will get the conversation started in the right direction and help us make good use of our time.

  2. Timeline: Most of my consultations are scheduled for one hour. Please make sure your calendar is clear of all potential distractions and you are prepared to be on the phone for the full hour we have scheduled.

  3. Reminders: Calendar invites and reminders will be sent to you via email and possibly text as soon as your consultation is scheduled. Please confirm that you will be attending by accepting your calendar invitation and give us as much notice as possible if you need to reschedule.

  4. Next Steps: As we wrap up our call we will discuss the next steps that feel most comfortable for both of us. It’s not uncommon for agents to request time to digest the information we discuss before moving forward. I’m happy to schedule a follow up call for a date that fits your timeline, wait to hear back from you when you are ready, or share agreements for you to review. You’re in control!

Consultation Form

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