Mike   Willits   Commercial Lines Director

Mike Willits Commercial Lines Director

At Pacific Crest Commercial University our mission is to provide basic commercial tools and training for experienced personal lines producers. The university includes webinar instruction, practical assignments, and coaching on how to market, sell, and service commercial policies. Participants are assigned a mentor to guide them through the sales process and assist with their understanding with commercial products.

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Lesson One: Commercial Lines Introduction

Lesson One is an outline of the university. We go over how to work with your mentor, how to access homework assignments online, and expectations of the class for both the participants and our commitment to you.

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Lesson Two: The Beautiful bop

In Lesson Two you will learn how to identify with the BOP buyer, understand the basics of the BOP policy, understand the basic coverage extensions, and be able to deftly navigate the BOP Dec sheet.

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Lesson three: commercial auto

In lesson three you will learn how to identify with the commercial auto policy owner, understand the different classes of vehicles covered under a commercial auto policy, understand the difference between a commercial and a personal auto policy, and explore the coverages and extensions provided under the commercial auto policy.


Lesson four: One on One meeting with CEO and Commercial DIRECTOR

In lesson four, you will have a one on one discussion with our CEO, Shawn Webb, and our Director of Commercial Lines, Mike Willits. You will have the opportunity to discuss how to market and grow your business.

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Lesson Five: Commercial Package

In lesson five you will learn how to understand and identify with the package policy owner, understand the difference between the BOP and the package policy, and review the coverages and extensions provided by the package policy, discuss coverage parts including liability, inland marine, builders risk, and commercial auto as part of the package policy.


Lesson Six: Commercial Service Basics

In lesson six, we discuss the of the process of quote binding and issuing, from start to finish, along with the best practices of this process. We discuss the proper issuance of certificates and additional insured, and the effective use of brokers of record. We also discuss how to staff an agency as it grows, and take a deep dive into agent E & O coverage.

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Lesson Seven: Workers Comp and epli

In lesson seven, we cover the basics of workers comp policies, marketing, claims, and coverage terms. We also introduce Employment Practices Liability Insurance. In addition, we discuss safety issues within the work place, work place violence and discrimination, emerging challenges in the work place, and how to address employee based insurance.

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Lesson eight: Intro to Surplus and Excess

In lesson eight, we discuss how quickly identify accounts that would not be accepted in the admitted market. We also discuss placement and marketing of accounts that would fit within surplus lines. Additionally, we discus the key tactics to successfully placing business, and the due diligence requirements for surplus placement.

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Lesson Nine: Grub And Garage

This week’s class focuses on two completely unrelated topics; Garage and Food Related risks.  Starting with Garage, we go through the different types of Garage and Auto service risks.  We look at the key differences and coverage included in the Garage and the Garage keepers ISO contract.  On the Food side, we discuss property and liability issues for commercial food service.

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Lesson ten: The Exciting world of hab

Yes, habitational risks can be exciting!  We view the residential exposure through the eyes of both the amateur and professional landlord.  We discuss the pitfalls and challenges that landlords face that can be addressed with proper risk management.

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Lesson Eleven: Wheel of Coverage’s

This week is a catch all on some of the key coverage’s needed for Commercial insurance.  First off, we look at Umbrella vs the Excess policy.  Next, we look at the different types of Cyber insurance. Lastly, we take a dive into the coverage under Directors and Officers insurance.

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Lesson Twelve: COnstruction

This weeks class is focused on construction and contractor related exposures.  We address the many types of classes within the building trade.  We go through the coverage and extensions that relate to these types of unique risks and we discuss how to best market these accounts and which carriers are best suited.