Inside PCS

To keep everyone informed of the company’s whereabouts we’d like to introduce a new article that we’ll be producing regularly. “Inside Pacific Crest” aims to inform and update you about the state of the company and the direction we’re moving.


It’s vital to us that everyone invested in Pacific Crest Insurance feels like they are a connected to what’s going on. You’re important to us!


One of the biggest pieces of news that we’re very excited about is our new agent dashboard. Not only will this be a revolutionary piece of software for the insurance industry but it will be a game changer for our independent agents. Be on the look-out for this in 2017!


On another note, be on the lookout for a lot more marketing content from us as we begin to implement new marketing initiatives over the next few months. You will be seeing everything from social posts, blog posts, videos, press releases and much more.


Our goal is to share and provide information on the current events of the independent insurance world, as well as being a source of knowledge for existing and prospective independent insurance agents. We will be targeting anyone looking for more information on the insurance industry and guidance on how to build and run a successful agency.


Please feel free to use this information at your discretion and share on your social channels, too. See our latest articles on our website, Facebook page and Linkedin page. We look forward to hearing more from everyone and getting you all to engage with us more through our social channels.


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Lastly, we look forward to the renovation of our offices, here in Eagle. The 450 West State Street building is getting an upgrade to its second floor. The PCS offices will be adding a new training room and break area as well as opening the floor plan to allow for more space and a different look. Progress is coming along steadily as Erstad Architects and Mark Guho Construction have been amazing in efforts to make this the best environment they can.


an image of the newly renovated training room at pacific crest insurance hq in eagle, id

an image of construction workers renovating the pacific crest insurance offices in eagle, id



We look forward to you visiting us some time and check out our space!


We wish everyone a very happy new year and hope it’s the most prosperous and successful one yet!