Bridge Program

The Captive Bridge Program is designed to help manage the pains of transitioning from a captive state to our Enterprise Agent Program. Pacific Crest will help an agent build a book of business while he/she is making the transition to independence. In this program, an agent will have a book of business waiting for them when they are ready to make the change, allowing them to have a revenue stream waiting for them. The goal is to alleviate the pains of leaving an agency and having to start from scratch.

Building a book of business doesn’t have to be specific to those looking to become an Enterprise Agent with Pacific Crest, but can be utilized as a long-term investment, too. We can build a book of business that an agent can later cash out on, making for an investment or retirement fund.

The Process:

  • Start by talking with an Agent Advocate to strategize a plan that is specific to you and your needs so that you can capitalize on your data.

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