A Little History

Pacific Crest Independent Insurance Alliance is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Eagle, Idaho. We started in 2002 as an independent agency with the company’s primary focus of providing customers with the right mix of insurance products to protect them from life’s unforeseen events. We have found that this approach creates a relationship that assures client longevity despite changing market conditions.

Pacific Crest strives to create an organization of ethical, dynamic and hardworking agents that share our vision. As a result, the alliance has experienced significant growth in the last five years and continues to open markets to benefit its members. Currently, the alliance operates in 17 states, with hundreds of independent agents across the U.S. and a client base that now measures in the tens of thousands.


At Pacific Crest our goal is to provide our agents and clients with the best possible support and service. It keeps us focused on our agents’ success and growth.

We have developed a culture of integrity and ethical business practices. Similarly important, the alliance is focused on growing as an organization and providing growth opportunities for our agents and agencies. Our success of building agencies has been in large part due to our consistent pursuit of technology that supports the alliance. It allows us to retain agents that are truly centered on what’s important – their clients.

We envision a generational organization for our alliance members and their families. All of this is built on doing what is right for our respective communities and striving to be a valued resource and strategic partner.

We truly view the members of our alliance as independent. This means minimum oversight aimed at allowing them to achieve the organizational vision with ethical behavior and a consumer-first climate.

Meet the Principals

Shawn Webb

Shawn started in the insurance industry in 1994 after he graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors degree in Business/Finance. During his employment as a captive insurance agent, he was promoted to Agency Management and was responsible for the recruitment, training and productivity of a Captive Agency force. Shawn learned much of his management skills and personal discipline while serving as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force National Guard. It was here that he learned to work with a diverse group of military professionals and developed the skills necessary to get the mission completed. As a licensed Independent Agent, Shawn understands the importance of designing a comprehensive plan for individuals and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with all Pacific Crests agents.

Jason Webb

Jason has served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned officer where he excelled at managing large teams and projects that ranged from $10-100M dollars. Prior to this work, he was a business solutions manager for Gateway computers in Seattle until 2002, requiring technical proficiency and extensive marketing, sales and sales management experience. Before joining Gateway in 2002, Jason spent significant time in both sales and sales management and managing marketing and lead generation for multiple companies in real estate, insurance and construction. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Lewis-Clark in 1998 and a Masters of Business Administration from Colorado State University in 2009.