Ready to OWN your book of business?

Being an Independent Agent means access to more carriers so you can close more quotes, earn a higher commission, and actually OWN your book of business. We want to partner with experienced insurance agents that are ready to start their own agency. Join the Pacific Crest Independent Insurance Alliance to get access to more carriers and a higher commission rate. Call (800) 743-9518 to get started.

Pacific Crest Program Options

  • Minimum 2 years P&C Experience

  • Office Location

Enterprise Agents are seasoned professionals who are ready to take on the task of running their own business. They own their book and operate independently with binding authority with all carrier appointments and work under their own brand.

  • Minimum 1 year P&C Experience

  • Willing to work for another agent

Equity Producers build equity in their book while working for another agent. They are provided professional office space and mentoring while they build their book. Equity Producers can choose to migrate into an Enterprise Agent at some point or decide to continue their status forever.

  • Minimum 1 year Experience

  • Ready to join in 12 months or less

The Bridge Program is designed to help agents make the transition to their independent agency by eliminating some of the financial burdens of making the move. Let us build you a book to walk into when you're ready to start your new agency. The instant income will help you make the move.

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